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Winning Baseball Subliminal Messages Software

Winning Baseball - The Pitcher
Subliminal Messages Software Baseball Performance Program.
Release the Winning Pitcher Within!

Ideal for pitchers in Little League, High School, College, Men's and Women's Leagues, Professional Leagues, Minor Leagues, Major Leagues, Cal Ripken, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth Leagues and anyone who is an aspiring baseball pitcher.

The Mental Way To Win!

  • Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal message software helps you change the way you consciously and unconsciously prepare your subconscious mind for your the job at hand, for your game and your pitching performance.
  • Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal message software helps you bring out your powerful strong inner mind, deep self-confidence and strong belief in your abilities and deep self-confidence while competing.
  • Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal message software helps you relax and remain centered in every game, for every pitch, in every situation, while raising your performance level as a winning pitcher sports athlete.
  • Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal message software helps you know that when you take the mound, you are a fully prepared student athlete, Little League pitcher or seasoned player, and always play at your highest level of athletic performance.
  • Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal message software helps you become the player sports scouts will go out of their way to see.

In the game of baseball, the pitcher is the most important player on the field.
A good day for the pitcher is an easy day for his team, but let it be a bad day for him and it’s a long day for his team. But it wasn't always that way. In baseball’s beginnings, in the mid 19th Century, it was the pitcher’s job to underhand the ball to the batter to put in play and commence the game.

In today’s game, the pitcher does all he can to outwit his opponent, the hitter. His is an extremely difficult job that takes tremendous strain and mental energy to do the job well and be a consistent winner. 

Are you that consistent pitcher, a pitcher who knows you can win every time you take the mound? Or is it a guessing game for you? One day you are a winner, the next you get hit hard? 

The key to winning and being a big game pitcher is your mental approach. Your mental approach enables you to use your most powerful resource, your mind. You can have all talent in the world, but without a powerful inner mind, deep self-confidence, and a strong belief in your abilities and talents, it is impossible for you to reach your highest level and stay there.

To be the Big Game Pitcher you are, even if you are in Little League, the answer is simple: Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal message software. Using this program will engage your most powerful resource, your mind, to bring you to your highest level of performance and keep you there.

Winning Baseball Subliminal Messages Software

The solution is:
Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal message software. 


"That which you do not know, the doing will quickly teach you."
-- Lao Tzu

  • Start today to use your greatest resource, Your Mind, for Winning Baseball Pitcher Performance. Become the baseball pitcher the sports scout is seeking.
  • Start today to allow your subconscious mind to take you to your highest level of baseball pitching performance.
  • Start today confidently knowing when you step onto the pitching mound you are at the top of your game.
  • Take the field! Automatically have the self-confidence knowing you are as winning pitcher and can compete at any level you choose.
  • Know you will make every play in every situation, confidently and flawlessly, being the winning baseball pitcher you are.

"In December of 2008, my son Louie, then 12 years old, attended his first class with pitching coach, Skip Murray, at the Valdez Baseball Academy, in Medford, MA.
When the season began four months later, Louie was ready to pitch at the highest level he had ever pitched at before. His season was superb. He threw strikes the way he never had before. That season Louie won all but one game he pitched. In back to back games, he threw no-hitters.
Before and after each game, Skip and Louie talked about what happened during the game, what he was thinking, and how he attacked each batter. They always finished by talking about Louie’s next opponent and how to pitch in that game. They also talked about conditioning and what to do to stay in good health.
I am extremely pleased with what Skip has taught Louie and I intend to have Louie work with him even when he is in college. Hopefully, Louie will go to a college close by.
One thing to be said for Skip is that he is the nicest person you’d ever want your child to work with. He uses intelligence and humor to teach, so his students are able to get the most out of his expertise, feeling no pressure at all. Skip says that if you are smiling and feeling good, you are relaxed, which creates the optimum circumstance for learning anything. I 'm excited for Louie to start using the Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal software because I know it will enhance everything Skip has taught him and stay with him for years to come."
--- R. Louie Sierra, Sr., Everett, MA

Your Winning Baseball - The Pitcher DSPP subliminal message software includes:

  • 38 targeted subliminal messages repeated hundreds of times per session. Messages can be consciously read and reviewed prior to running a session.
  • Automatic 15-minute program sessions (can be shorter if desired)
  • Activator Phrase™
  • Runs on MAC OS9, OSX, WINDOWS 98, XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 7 Laptop and Desktop computers (not iPhone or iPad)
  • Special animation stimulates alpha and theta brain wave states.
Subliminal messages are like self hypnosis messages, only faster. They are advised by certified Boston area hypnotherapist, John J. Murray, for effective targeted content to the unconscious mind.

Designed for desktop or laptop computers using the WINDOWS Operating System (Win 98 through WIN 8)

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