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Your mental approach to sports enables you to use your most powerful resource, your mind. You can have all talent in the world, but without a strong inner mind and deep self-confidence, it is impossible to reach your highest level and stay there. Are you a big game player, a player that a sports scout is looking for? Are you the kind of athlete that executes plays flawlessly one day but not the next? Do you wonder why your athletic performance is superb one day and not the next? The answer is simple: BOOST your mental approach to sports! 
Successful Athlete Subliminal Message Software

The solution is The Successful and Winning Athlete DSPP subliminal messages program. 

"For everything you think in your mind, your body has a reaction."
--Winning The Mental Way, Karlene Sugarman

  • Start today to use your greatest resource, Your Mind, for Winning Sports Performance. Be the player the sports scout is seeking.
  • Start today to allow your subconscious mind to take you to your highest level of athletic performance.
  • Start today confidently knowing when you are on the athletic field you are at the top of your game.
  • Automatically have the self-confidence knowing you can compete at any level you choose.
  • Automatically know you will make every play in every situation, confidently and flawlessly, being the winning sports athlete you are.
"I can already feel and see the difference in my hitting and fielding ability. Where I used to lay back and wait, now I attack each pitch I swing at and each ground ball I field, with confidence and the right intensity level. I am now able to let my body respond, instead of thinking, and I am so calm. And other people have told me I look surer of myself than I ever have."
--- R. Marte, senior high school short stop and leadoff hitter

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Your Successful and Winning Athlete DSPP subliminal messages program includes:

  • 38 targeted subliminal messages repeated hundreds of times per session. Messages can be consciously read and reviewed prior to running a session.
  • Automatic 15-minute program sessions (can be shorter if desired)
  • Activator Phrase™ technology
  • Runs on  WINDOWS laptop and desktop computers.
  • Special animation stimulates alpha and theta brain wave states.
Subliminal messages are like self hypnosis messages, only faster. They are advised by certified Boston area hypnotherapist, John J. Murray, for effective targeted content to the unconscious mind.

Designed for desktop or laptop computers using the WINDOWS Operating System (Win 98 through WIN 8)

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