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Baseball with the words, baseball scouts are in the stands watching

Always keep in mind when you are on the field that baseball scouts are in the stands and they are watching every move you make. Keep your head up and remain disciplined and encouraging to your teammates, even if they make the worst blunders in the history of baseball.

We Teach The Major League Baseball Pitching Form
Our Pitchers Learn To:

                             Prevent Arm Injury
                                     Increase Velocity
                                            Throw Consistent Strikes
                                                   Change Speeds
                                                          Handle Mental Aspects


  1. Velocity: This is a key component. It doesn’t mean you have to throw 90 mph because if you are a high school pitcher they will project whether this pitcher might throw harder later because of maturity and growth.
  2. Movement: Does the ball sink, tail or is it straight? They definitely are looking for movement.
  3. Overall mechanics: Is his delivery smooth with good rhythm? Is he low or high ¼ or over the top, sidearm or submarine? Is his delivery fluid or forced and labored?
  4. Arm Action: Is it smooth and effortless? Does he get to full extension at ball release? Is his arm action herky-jerky or fluid? Does he look like an arm injury waiting to happen?
  5. Breaking ball: Does the ball have good rotation and bite (sharpness) with good depth (two plain break)? How much does it break? Does he give it away or does he throw it from the same arm angle as his fastball?
  6. Other pitches: Does the pitcher have any other pitches such as a change-up or splitter or forkball that he can control?
  7. Change-up: This pitch is considered vital for success in professional baseball. How often does he use it, can he control it and what situations does he use it?
  8. Control: Does the pitcher have some command of his pitches or is he just maxing out? It takes control to be successful at the professional level.
  9. Type of pitcher: Is the pitcher overpowering, a finesse type with good control and does he know how to mix his pitches well?

Remember: with high a school pitcher, scouts will project. In other words, the pitcher has more time to develop. So, his low 80’s fastball might end up low 90’s five years from now.

Ref: Breaking Into the Big Leagues, Al Goldis and Rick Wolff. Leisure Press.

As a pitcher you are your own coach when you are on the mound. There might be 50,000 people in the stands, or no one, with one bench yelling encouragement while the other, discouragement, or not. 

Whatever the case, you are alone, you are by yourself, with a job that must be done. It is up to you to get it done.

You must know what adjustments to make if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where the ball is not doing what you want it to do the way you want it to do it. This is an extremely important part of your job, of pitching. You must learn your game and know it well. At the same time, you must maintain a calm inner being. You must be relaxed.
Learning the art of pitching takes lots of time, study, and infinite patience to be an effective pitcher. If there is a perfect way to do something, it can be learned. Learn the perfect way to pitch, and then practice diligently. Learning how to maintain a calm inner being, being completely relaxed, is easier than you think.

Scroll down for more information on both these pitching aspects.

"If you want to be the best, you must do what the best do."
                                                                                                                     ---Skip Murray

"That which you do not know, the doing will quickly teach you."
                                                                               ---Lao Tzu

Baseball players, as is the case with all athletes, perform at their highest level when they are relaxed. When the mind is clear the body is body to move freely and easily. When the body is moving freely, the athlete is able to perform at the highest level.
The question is, how does the athlete get to the point where he or she is constantly and consistently competing at that highest level? In other words, how does the athlete get to the point where his or her mind and body are completely clear and performing at peak level? Keep on reading, here is your answer.

One highly effective method is to use subliminal messaging software. This conditions your subconscious mind to work with your body at its optimum level. The technique is simple, you simply watch the proper subliminal message program as recommended, and your subconscious mind automatically learns to do the right things at the right time. It is as easy as that.

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So now, mind and body are working together, and that, my friends, 
is a winning combination.

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